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Recorded live at Arizona State University, School of Music, Organ Hall
April 9, 2008
by Blue Door Studio

Greg Amerind - Tenor
Evan C.  Paul - Piano
Step Raptis - Percussion

Additional Vocals by
Melissa Solomon, Danielle Krison, & Ryan Downey

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Four Songs                                                         
Ned Rorem
It Was a Long Trip                                                                  
(b. 1923)       
from Childhood Miracle
Early in the Morning
Fear of Death

Three Songs
Another Hundred People 
                                             Stephen Sondheim
from Company                                                                         (b. 1930)
Lazy Afternoon
                                                                 Jerome Moross
from The Golden Apple                                                          (1913-1983)   
                                                                                                John Latouche
Thereís A Boat Thatís Leaviní Soon                          
George Gershwin         
   from Porgy and Bess                                                              (1898-1937)
                                                                                                Ira Gershwin

Six Songs                                                        Gregory Amerind
Making it up as I goÖ                                                             
At Armís Length
Letting Go
from Putting It On The Line                                     co-written by Steve Landau
New Dawn                                                                                 (b. 1959)

One Song
The Druid Song                     
                                            Gunnar Madsen
from Coaster                                                                          Richard Green


(c) copyright 01/27/16 Gregory Amerind